Pa en seun jag!!

Kolskoot is passievol oor jag en om die jagbedryf uit te brei. Daar is min dinge wat jou so na aan jou kinders bring as om tyd saam deur to bring in die veld. Een van ons professionele jagters het onlangs so geleenteid gereel vir ‘n paar families.



Culling of Elephants

Culling of Elephants are an essential part of environmental management. Here is an interesting article about this issue from the true green alliance.

There is absolutely no scientific reason for not culling elephants.

2 Lede van Kolskoot gekies vir PCOASA bestuur.

PCOASA (Professional culling operators association of South Africa) het onlangs hulle Algemene jaarvergadering in Port Elizabeth gehou. Die vergadering is bygewoon deur prominente rolspelers van die industrie. Die vergadering het baie positief afgeloop.

Tydens die vergadering is 2 van ons spanlede tot die raad verkies. Kolskoot wil graag vir Abelines Schoeman en Roelf Barnard gelukwens met hulle verkiesing.

What hunters contribute to conservation

Interesting article


Ready for another day of culling.

Karoo Culling Operation

It is amazing how wonderful nature is. In a dry place like the Karoo animals still get more and more. With the lack of natural preditors we must manage the population to ensure survival of all species. 


Our latest operation

We undertook an operation in November where we culled 1000 animals. This had to be done to ensure the veld is managed appropriately as the numbers of the animal population grew out of proportion and the land could not carry the overpopulation of animals.

We work according to international standards to ensure the meat are suitable for human consumption.

No more Murders

Today we saw peaceful protests in South Africa against all the murders in our country. We support this cause as we are against any form of violence.

Finally the big one.

We are so excited to finally be recognised for the professionals we are. It has been a long journey, but we finally won that large tender!!!